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Darling Creatures

You named these, darling creatures, and the name stuck! They are darling indeed and it seems we really cannot live without such things. There is something irresistible about them.


We met many of you seemingly well situated people who would rush into the gallery to purchase these for yourselves or as gifts. Many a young femina fawned so much around them that the beau had no choice but to succumb and purchase some for her.

Why do we have such an emotional pull with these handcrafted creatures? We like to look around our corner in the office, the den, kitchen, living room, bedroom, boat, summer house, winter house, etc, and see them around. It may be that we recognize that they may fall into that category of things that we do not fully understand, but things that offer us immeasurable joy nonetheless. Many travel half way across the world to see live ones in their natural habitat. What an "envied" life!

Our current offerings include beautiful handmade creations of wood, Shona stone (serpentine stone) sculptures of Zimbabwe, Kisii stone (soapstone) creations of Kenya, South African famous recycled telephone wire baskets, recycled metal and/or beaded animals, Zulu metal and beaded small containers, raffia(d) giraffes, bone turtles, and hearts of stone - (soap) stone hearts, that is! We must have nice, handmade things!!


Start or add to your collection today. Enjoy!!!

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