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Our rings are unusual. We believe that is part of the allure. They are seemingly cultural in nature, traditional, classical or just plain fanciful. Many are made with rocks and/or minerals (gemstones), or with resins, bones, horns, wood, cowrie shells and so on. Some are reflective of old African icons or sayings, denote the status of the wearer (Chieftain rings) or hone in on Africa's transcendent theme of abundance.



Our customers prefer that they have retained their patina and some of the natural characters found in nature. However, if one desires a shinier look, one could polish with a fine silver, brass or copper polish.



Many a customer have purchased these rings through their exposure on our Twitter page. We hope you find them just as powerful and desirable.



We have a RING SIZER, and can size the rings, if you desire.


Thank you again for shopping with us.


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