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Medicine Man

Medicine Man, Congo. Sculptural Fetish.
Wood. Glass. Fibers. Crocodile images carved in relief. Scarifications. Fetish bundles.
Height: 18"

This impressive and powerful looking statue was perhaps carved to showcase the perceived emblems of power and magic - glass eyes, male genitalia (wood bead at the area where the male genitalia would be), powerful animals (crocodiles carved in relief), fibrous strands, and a standing throne. In the arena of "juju" deities, this one would have been King!

He would have evoked great confidence in old Africans as possessing all the powerful accoutrements to battle disease, afford one one's family, give shelter and stability, allow for wealth building (sustenance), bring forth good neighbors, etc, and also be apotropaic, if needed!

Ezn. 154

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