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Ibejis Sculptures 2

Ibejis, Yoruba, S.W. Nigeria. Wood. Vegetal pigment

Male 10"
Female 10 1/2"

Age breaks in one of each pair's ear, that does not affect their looks. As has been explained elsewhere on these pages, old Africans would not have minded these breaks, etc. African objects were used ceremonially -dances, rituals, demonstrations, etc -and not just for show. The ceremonies had to be convincing to the audience, and so they sometimes involved very lively feats! Since many objects were made of wood, terracotta, beads, cloths, etc.- all natural elements-, Africans expected to see evidence of that use. Consistently "perfect" objects would have made them very wary. To this day, many Africans would shy away from consistently perfect things. And then there is the myth that only the gods were perfect and you never wanted to compete with gods!

For additional legend about the Ibejis, please refer to Ezn. 158

Ezn. 160

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