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Congo Power Fetish

Power Fetish, Congo. Wood, Metallic nails, fetish bundles. Pigment.
Height: 2' 5"

Congo Power Fetish, Nkondi, is favored by westerners, but was highly reverenced by the Congo people.

The people of the Congo would hammer nails into the symbol and shout at it, so as to "awaken" the spirits, and be able to obtain the favor of its benevolence, which included protection and good health. Oral history also specifies that at times of severe crisis, when it was believed that the spirit was not doing enough, insults and objects were hurled at it in order to help it along!

This subject's multi-heads, surrealistic look and multiple nails and fetishes , gave it a very fierce look-a look that the people would have believed could frighten away illnesses and bad omens, and bring about good fortunes!

As a spirit, as were many others, it was also assigned other duties.

Ezn. 162

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