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Our Masks Collection

We have assembled for you what we believe are authentic ceremonial West and Central African regions' objects. As above stated, African objects, in concert with the belief system, obtained their "power" through the practices of rites, rituals and ceremonies.

Before the advent of the computer, we would have had to offer visual descriptions of the objects, missing as humans would sometimes do aspects of the images that may be of interest to you. But now, they are right in front of you and you can see for yourself.

Acquiring something like an African art object may not only be fun and exhilarating (we are told that there is a definite high associated with the hunt for the one!), but we believe also offers one an opportunity for research. With the right kind of information, one could always weigh in, because there is always a debate going on somewhere regarding African art! And experts abound!! With informed research, you too can become an expert!!!


Please click on a mask below for more information, and to see a larger version of it. Please call for price. Thank you.

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