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Summer 2018

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Ashione Gallery's, African Woman

Made in New York!

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Inside This Issue

1. Gallery Closing

2. New Location - Next!

3. More Ashione Gallery Mentions on Social Media and the Internet.

4. More category page offerings, please!

5. Acknowledgements

6. References

7. Again, Thank You for Your Patronage.

1. Gallery Closing

As you may know, we closed our flagship location at 120 w 25th Street, in Manhattan New York, in November 2016. We will never forget the love and business support you strengthened us with, as we struggled with the decision as to whether to stay open or close. Undeterred by the many obstacles in the way, you came and purchased, and returned and bought again, making it possible for us to stay open as long as we did. Thank you. You are an amazing bunch, and we are so grateful to have you!

Eventually, the location ran its course and we decided to close. Having closed, we thought to do what many Galleries now do, open up a website business.

But since we already had an internet presence, we thought to reconstruct with an expansion that showcases our many different categories. This we now know was easier said than done (if it were easy, everyone would be doing it!).

It has been a grueling time consuming experience. We had not anticipated that there would be many areas outside of our control. But, voila, here we are - all done! You expect a lot from us and always see the most amazing things here, first. Hope you like what we have done.

Our reward would be that you experience joy as you peruse our pages and that you keep us even stronger for the next twenty five years, by continuing your affiliation with us, and by continuing to patronize our business.

2. New Location - Next!

After closing the above mentioned flagship space, we wanted to be able to offer you an arena where you can shop while we looked for another space. Now that the website ​reconstruction is completed, we can now turn our full attention to obtaining a new space.

We have gratefully pinpointed three stalwart supporters who have accepted the challenge of guiding us though the process. We are being very hopeful and excited.

We anticipate being in the new location in the spring of 2019. Please check back here for details as they evolve. See you at the new location!

3. More Ashione Gallery's Mentions on Social Media and the Internet.

Here are more mentions of Ashione Gallery on Social Media and the Internet:

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in African Art Galleries in New York,

highlights Ashione:

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Popular Blog Sketch42, sketches out why Ashione is the premier place for Mud cloth:

The Woyingi Blog, known for "Exploring Black and African identities in the blogosphere," sites Ashione as "the leader in authentic African art":

Image of Woman with Fulani earrings-- made famous by Ashione Gallery-- is borrowed by site, for their, "The Mali Trip", feature:

Twitter Tweeters:

New York Times Best-selling author Joel Comm tweets Ashione Gallery:

The amazing Manhattan Sideways, celebrated for "[e]xploring the hidden gems of Manhattan..." tweets Ashione:

Sue Harris, co-Director of Peoples Video Network, Tweets Ashione:

Linda Missal, NYC Partnerships Manager at Townsquared, tweets about Ashione:

Ashione Gallery interacts on Twitter, with Siedah Garrett, writer of Michael Jackson's "Man in the Mirror":

Kelly Hungerford, co-founder of Women in Digital --"[a] community of +1500 women across Switzerland connecting and collaborating to build digital skills and awareness" tweets Ashione:

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which "select[s] and purchase[s]... jewelry findings from the best of [the] best designers and manufactures..." tweets about Ashione:

Ashione Gallery is followed

on Social Media by the following

distinguished Media leaders:

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4. More category page offerings, please!

We heard you! We also took notice that when you shopped with us at our Gallery addresses, you not only shopped the Gallery offerings of masks, sculptures and artifacts, but were equally passionate about obtaining the furniture, pottery, fabrics, paintings, floor coverings, market wares, and of course, the fantastic jewelry. You told us you loved it all!!

And so, in bringing you these expanded categories, we continue in our game of offering you diversified and novel items, while being guided by your game of loving our choices.


5. Acknowledgements

We are very grateful to you our loyal and dynamic customers for your patronage these past 25 years. We are now internationally known, sought after, and loved because of you. Thank you. Here's to the next 25 years of a continued wonderful business relationship.

And to you- Jack Kupferman, Greg Vabre, Lala Lopez, Vincent Taylor, John, Ivette Alfonso, Greg Rosborough, Iqram Magdon-Ismail, and Gary Schultz - our customers turned friends, your amazing friendship is always on our mind and very much appreciated.

We are in awe of you Lauren Yothers and fabulous Betsy Polivy (, and grateful for your warmth, kindness and generosity of spirit and time. Your ready willingness to share information and support us whenever called upon continue to strengthen us. Our business is far better off for knowing you! We will always be grateful.

We also wish to thank Curtis L. Archer, President, Harlem Community Corporation ( for his warm reception of us and our ideas and for connecting us with NYC Business Solution's Upper Manhattan Center (, which said Center has already become very supportive, and so also has its director. We are looking forward to working closely with all in the near future.

In addition, we thank Accion East, Inc., and especially Kathy Tchernychova, for their business services and simplification of same.

And to our family and friends, bravo! Your undying support is our life line. Thanks!!

6. References

1) Tracing Memory, a Glossary of Graphic Signs and Symbols in African Art and Culture - by Clemetine M. Faik - Nzuji.

Publisher - Canadian Museum of Civilization.

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12) Mon Afrique. Pascal Maitre. Published by Aperture Foundation, New York, New York.

7. Again, Thank You for Your Patronage.

We reiterate our appreciation to you our dynamic customers, for supporting our business for 25 years. Here's to the next 25 years and for a continued wonderful business partnership. Ndewo! Na gode! Ese! Sosongo! Me dad is and repeat............!

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