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Terms and Conditions of Sale

Ashione Gallery has been in business since 1992 and carries only the finest in African works of art and fantastic jewelry. We are about Africa and enlightenment through African art. We share your deep passion for Africa and are committed to you and your patronage!

Over the years we have cultivated wonderful relationships. Our customer base has grown from referrals, clients, and customers turned- friends, and we in turn have grown from a small store-space, to a Gallery space, and now with this expansion, to a worldwide audience.

We appreciate your business and welcome you to join the ranks of our ever growing loyal, returning and amazing customers.


A) We specialize in traditional African art. Our masks, sculptures, bronzes, furniture, vessels and artifacts are of some age. We utilize our history, knowledge base and experience with African art when making our acquisitions of objects to sell.


B) However, Africa's oral traditions, migratory factors and the secrecy of the societies make it difficult for objects to be assessed with absolute certainty. We can state affirmatively that we shop very carefully for objects we believe were traditional and ceremonial in nature, and can even affirm that through the years we seem to have established a reputation of expertise within the field, however beyond these two affirmations, we can offer no other guarantees whatsoever.


C) Our designed jewelry is sometimes interspersed with international findings for a more fashionable look. We use silver to describe any silver-looking metal. Sterling silver will be specified as such. Bronze and brass may be used interchangeably, copper is only identified by color. We also identify lapis and turquoise only by color.


D) We cannot say with assurance that all the amber we sell is African. Firstly, most resinous substances including amber and copal are known and sold as amber by many Africans, and secondly, other parts of the world now cut their amber to look African. We use our experience when purchasing amber (and buy very reasonably, so we can sell very reasonably), but on occasion because of contemporary international trade, sources of amber and finite compositions may not be definitive.


E) All measurements are approximations.

F) Age cracks, material imperfections, "primitive repair" and/or restoration are often present. These may add to the beauty, preservation and/or authenticity of the objects. Consistently "perfect" objects would make many Africans wary. African objects were for use and not just for show, and in time many demonstrate characters from that use. In addition, African carvers prayed for guidance before wood selection, and chose only those they thought were appropriate. However, if a customer would object to any perceived imperfection, then perhaps the customer should select another artwork.


G) Mud cloths are handmade. There are no exact duplicates even when made by the same artist. Dye (made from leaves, bark of trees and mud) overruns are often present, sometimes heavy). But enjoy this marvelous textile that is hand spurned of 100% cotton, weaved in a loom and dyed with natural elements of bark, roots and mud. Enjoy also our Kuba and Kente cloths, all hand made and therefor also one of a kinds.


H) By popular demand, we have expanded our jewelry line to include African influenced. At Ashione Gallery, we say that Africa may have influenced them all! But again, because of current international trade we are not able to specify that all jewelry are hand made, nor are we able to say with absolute certainty what their components are.

I) In addition, when we use words like beautiful, treasureful, spectacular, amazing, must have, etc, to describe "art works" and jewelry, we use them subjectively. "Ceremonial", ritualistic, and other such words are used in the context that similar looking "art works" may have been used for rituals. Impressive, powerful, etc., are words stating our opinion. We use "rare" to state that in our business we have not come across many similar looking "art works".


J) All goods are sold "As Is".


K) No Cash refunds. Credit or exchanges only, with proof of purchase, within seven (7) days. Customer is responsible for returning the merchandise in its original condition with proof of return, and also responsible to bear the shipping and other related costs to return the item/s.


Above disclaimers of Paragraphs, A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, and K, represent our entire policies and Terms and Conditions of Sale. We make no other representations whatsoever, regardless of any terminology used here or anywhere else, whether oral or written, beyond that which we have stated above.

Thank you! You are a valued customer and we are

committed to you and your patronage!

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