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This page is under continued consideration. Its conceptualization is ongoing, but its actualization may be further down the line.


As one might know, our customers have been asking for it for a while, and we are interested in instituting a Learning Institute in a small village in the Western region of Africa. The determined village is by all accounts one which is imbued with cultural leanings, knowledge, history, and historical understandings.


The Institute's purpose would be to revitalize and propagate sustained interest in the anthropological lives of old Africans of the West and Central African regions. Areas of most interest would be in their culture ( to include ethnology), history and languages ( to include, migrations, oral traditions and ethnography), religions (specifically, secret societies, rituals and ceremonies), and the arts (to include art works, music and dances).


The Institute would partner with an area university, making it possible for it to provide college level education courses and classes which would then allow it to offer college credits/diplomas/certificates to enrolled students or student assistants. Ongoing educational classes, symposiums, seminars and workshops would be planned and geared towards children, youth, and adults. The Institute would be non profit.


We foresee many positive outcomes to the lives of the

peoples of the area, which in our opinion would be the best philanthropy of all! One such would be the development of tourism with all its implications for economic and other developments. Another would be an identifiable Institute inside of West Africa, whose only purpose would be as above stated, and where anyone from across the world could go for direct information, education and knowledge of the aforementioned subjects from experts within Africa.

As we informed on our Ashione-yan page, our priority at the current time is to re-establish our flagship Gallery in Manhattan, New York, in 2019. But we are open to your feedback regarding the Institute. Email communications are best.


When the Institute is actualized, it is the plan to direct research and our collective quest for knowledge towards New Perspectives on Africa. Hope you would join us.


Tracing Memory

Clementine M. Faik-Nzuji

Canadian Museum of Civilization

Thank you for your continued support and interest in Ashione Gallery.



The Ashione Gallery team.


Ashione Gallery is proud to have made donations to institutions we feel are outstanding in 2007-2008 (please see below). These institutions have through their mission furthered the educational and other goals of students of African descent, as well as other minority populations.

Additionally New York University has established a program,

where law students can offer legal assistance to disadvantaged groups.



Manhattan Country School (MCS) is a private elementary and junior high school, with a public mission. This extraordinary institution

admits students of all racial, ethnic, religious and economic backgrounds, without focus on the families' ability to pay.

It also maintains a farm in the country for the student's additional education. In addition to what we believe is an outstanding educational program, students must fulfill a year's study in farm schooling in order to graduate.


A wonderful institution such as this one requires a lot of funding to run and this need is ongoing. Please give generously.

New York University (NYU) Law School students solicited and received donations from Ashione Gallery to assist them with their work with underprivileged populations.The students explained that they must raise funds yearly in order to keep the program viable. We believe this is a very worthy cause. Please give. NYU Law School -

2009 BENEFIT -


In 2009, our benefit efforts will be geared towards Africa- this continent that arouses so much emotion. Say Africa anywhere, and it would be "heads up" from most people .We met a woman who we believe is of Russian descent, when we were at our Perry Street location. As soon as this customer stepped into the Gallery, she broke into a refrain, "I adore Africa!", and kept up this refrain for the two hours she spent with us, and she bought, oh my, did she buy! Of course, the rest of us could not help but be infected by her high enthusiasm. There is just something very different about Africa that places her in most people's special emotions. And remember and don't forget, Africa adores back!


We were in a beach this past summer (2008) and as we walked, right there on the beach path, was a child -like drawing of Africa, no appendages, just the main continent. We have to assume that a young child drew this, because we cannot imagine that a grown up would have drawn such a "crude" image.


But there it was (on the path), wedged between the rippling waves (and the waves would sometimes come very close to it!) and the elaborate sand castles that beach goers had built! The elaborateness of the sand castles only helped to highlight the childlike quality of that African drawing! Of all that child could be doing at the beach- eating, drinking, playing in the waves, etc. (or may be, inspite of engaging in those other activities ) he or she took time out to draw an image that mattered to him or her ("there are no accidents, you know"-ahh, yes, we also watch Frasier)!

After staring at this image for a while, we walked on. At beach closing, we wondered what had happened to that image and went back to see. To our utter amazement but delight, there it still was! The waves had left it alone and so had people!!

As some of the sand castles were coming down and beach goers were leaving, we observed what also gave us pause. When people came upon that child- like sand drawing (of Africa), no one stepped into it. Instead, they miss-stepped, refocused their eyes on the image, and then went around it. We were certain those beach goers did not give their actions much thought! But on that day, a childlike drawing on a sandy beach refocused all eyes toward Africa!!


We are in the planning stages of this year's benefit. As stated earlier, our benefit efforts will be about Africa and we are terming it (guess?) "ALL EYES TOWARD AFRICA". Africa is a huge continent, but we aim to go, one problem at a time.


We will inform you on these pages of our planning progress.

We are certain you will join us.

* Tracing Memory

Clementine M. Faik - Nzuji

Canadian Museum of Civilization

Thank you for your visit and many more thanks for your business!!

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