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Market Place

Market Place001.jpg

To the market we go... Ah- hh, to the market we went. Wish you were there!

We could have said hello in many different African languages, broken into a greeting song, danced with natives and tourists alike, and at the end, thank you for a wonderful time, before moving on.


You would have loved it!!

We Sure did!!!

Upon our return, we traced our memory for stored data of the trip and were astonished to find that we had encapsulated each experience with the natives, traders or dealers into separate entities. And interwoven into all the stories were the heightened awareness of the peoples' warmth, sense of fairness, and kindness. In many instances, they brought pure unmitigated joy and laughter into routine shopping experiences, and if you the customer managed to bring joy or laughter to the mix, you got the best price!