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Textiles, Furniture & Vessels

Beautiful Textiles

We currently carry Mud, Kuba and Kente textiles. Whether for the populace or only for royalty (and their cohorts)- cloths of beauty! Westerners consider them as artworks. They come in different sizes and colors, with classic sign/symbols (ethnographic signs and symbols used by old Africans to transmit information ( check out, Tracing Memory - a Glossary of Graphic Signs and Symbols in African Art and Culture by Clementine M. Faik-Nzuji) - on our Ashione-yan page. While on the page, scroll all the way down).


They come in many grades (grade A, grade B, grade C, grade D and so on). Naturally the upper and middle classes would prefer grade As - the finest pieces there are- since they can afford them!


We carry only Grade As.

Mud Cloth

Mud cloth is the cloth of the people, as opposed to those other cloths like the Ghanaian Kente cloth or the Akwete of Nigeria, that were made for royalty and leaders of a higher status. In Mali, the ordinary person can go to the market and buy this cloth, which they call burgurlon, that is if one can afford it.


In current times, people all over the world have found different uses for them. Some of the known uses are, wall hangings, back drops for art work displays, scarves, table cloths, pillow coverings, covering for unseemly portions of a room, exotic role playing, area floor covering , a head wrap (see our dashing Asian woman on this page, as well as the Moments and Memories page), in fashionable assemblages, framed and displayed as art works, and of course, as wonderful gifts.


However, the most important usage would be yours! Below are our selection to help you towards fulfilling your own use!

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