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Fetish and Power Based Objects

African fetishes are objects thought to embody or contain potent magical powers. Some may use this term interchangeably with amulets, though many see amulets as magical objects worn for protection and good luck. The commonality is the belief that they both have supernatural potency that could equally perform godly deeds. Besides, objects which many believe were used in ancestral practices, including masks, sculptures and other artifacts, could all be seen as fetishes.


We have, to the wonderment of our customers, collected these marvelous objects from across the regions of West and Central African countries. Many also refer to them as personal power based objects, because, unlike many artifacts (masks, sculptures, etc) which may have been communal properties, fetishes belonged to individuals, giving those individuals the ability to connect with, interact and make direct pleadings.

For easier organization, we are grouping traditionally termed fetishes (gris gris, voo doos, jujus, "magic", etc) with smaller -type objects (ancestral sculptures, "passport" masks, hand held dance staffs, etc). We hope you find these just as wonderful and enchanting as we do, and that they bring you unimaginable good luck, protection, good health and prosperity, just as old Africans would have wished!



Particular people and country of origin are provided. Thank you. We very much appreciate your business.


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All Fetishes have been assigned numbers. Numbers 40 to 66 are as priced. Please use the assigned numbers to directly make your purchase(s).


For Fetishes 1-39 below, please call for price using FETISH, as the page, and then the corresponding number(s). Hover or click the Fetish for additional details.

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Fancy Designs

We show below as an example of a collection of fetishes. Credit is given at the end of the collection.


Any element -household items, bottles, bones, cloths, jars, stones, animal skins, sand/terracotta clumps, ceremonial nuts and/or vegetables, etc.- could be seen as a fetish, as long as it was thought to embody or contain potent magical powers.

Recettes Des Dieux

Esthétique du fétiche

Musee du quai Branly

Below are our continued fetishes for sale. You may purchase nos. 40 to 66 directly at the registered price below (scroll all the way down). Oral history informs that fetishes have an element of charity attached to them. If one were to believe that one has received their benefits, blessings, etc., then one is obligated to pass along some of those benefits by being charitable to someone in need.


In this spirit we are keeping the prices fairly low, of the belief that a lot of benefits would be realized, and that the received benefits would spur on untold charitable activities! But then it is also accepted that charity is its own reward, so please give generously anyway, whenever and wherever you can . Thank you.