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Paintings & Other Fine Artworks

Below artworks are originals. Signed or unsigned, if purchased, you own the artist's creation. At Ashione Gallery, we believe everyone should own an original!


Current offerings include, Minerals' paintings, mixed media, oil on canvas, fence post paintings, beaded panels, our famous batiks, and banana leaf art works. Since they are all originals, it would be to one's advantage to purchase one's choice as soon as possible, as one would have to settle for a different one, once that choice is sold.

We made these choices with considerable deliberation in order to bring you works that we believe showcase the diverse creativity and dynamism of many of Africa's artists. Natural earthy elements, rough edges, paint run ins and run overs, are often present and seemingly purposefully incorporated into the art works by the artists, demonstrating a different approach to art creation. We believe this is part of the charm of these art works.


And naturally we bring you the very best art works that were available!



Mineral Paintings


Samson Igbru Art's ingenuity lies in using "Natural Colored Product of Solid Minerals (Monazite, zircon, Ilmenite, silica etc.)" and paint, to create natural pictorial representations of cultural African life. Primitive looking and diminutive, the cultural images invoked add to the beauty, charm and mystique of the creations!

The artist's name, component of the materials used, and the theme of each painting are listed on the back of each piece.


Created on a wooden board, each approximately 6" x 4" x 1/4", is a work of art that comes ready to be hung, framed or placed on a stand. Limited supplies.

Great conversational pieces.


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Mixed Media

Mixed Media

Our supply of this type mixed media is limited to these two. The artist has stylistically presented two enduring and quintessential images of Africa - that of an African woman involved in a daily activity and (that of) an African drummer.


The artist's chosen colors and hues, his masterful application of the paints, and brilliant rendition of the images, make these a joy to have. They are sure to please, blend in, and be complimentary to your other art work choices. Signed by artists.

Oil on Canvas

Oil On Canvas

We have selected some oil on canvas paintings that we believe are not only wonderful but also thought provoking. Native artists sometimes add signature ingredients like tree sap, sediments and/or natural minerals to the mix of their raw materials, in this instance, oil.


Perhaps this and their dynamic creative abilities are some of the reasons behind their seemingly sharp focused, three dimensional and photo realistic artworks.

The works are signed by the different artists. Enjoy.

Beaded Panels

Beaded Panels from Chad

Beaded panels are variously referred to as, "Cache-Sexe", Modesty aprons, bibs, cache-sex" and we hereby add our own terminology, accoutrements de la femme (Bad French? - Pardon!). It is not difficult to figure out what parts of the female anatomy they accoutring!


Hand strung and stitched with glass beads and fibers, they are considered fabulous African artworks and sought after world wide.

Unframed $550 - Framed $1250 -


You always see the most amazing things here first.

Fence Posts

Painting on Fence Posts

These two art sensations seem to have been created on old wooden fence posts, six posts in each. The first one, A) spots pastel colors, rendering a most charming image that presents varied interpretative opinions. The second one B), showcases what we see as a tremendous mixed media painting of oil, acrylic paints and metal chips.

You always see the most amazing things here, first!


They are both originals and should bring joy and admiration to the owner/s for years to come.

Tremendous fence post mixed media painting!

Fence posts, metal chips of recycled cans, and colored oil paints.

Price given upon request

Banana Leaves

Banana Leaves Art Works

Alas, this is our last offering for this kind of art. We have slashed the prices by renegotiating with our dealers and are passing on the savings to you. This kind of art showcases the recycling ingenuity of the artists. Burlap, silk, cotton or a combination of all are used as backgrounds. These artworks should delight all, including those interested in earth preservation. They were created by unknown artists. Were from $195 - $225. Now slashed to $98 each.



And also alas, this would also be our last offering for Batiks from Ruffy. He has retired. We made all efforts during our last shopping trip, but could not find him. It is a shame because we know that there was no Batik artist quite like Ruffy! Nothing lasts forever!! The good news is that we are also slashing the Batik prices.We want to make it possible for all who desire to be able to purchase some. Prices below reflect the huge discount.

Framed Batik. Classic Ruffy! Women drawing water - Aswn. #153

Please call us for the price, and for your pick up plans.