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About Ashione Gallery


Ashione Gallery was opened in 1992 as a result of the paucity in quality in African works of art available to the regular person. The Gallery quickly became a leader in authentic African art and carries only museum quality artifacts.


We are about Africa and enlightenment through African art. 

This mission compels us to:

  • On going in depth research of the African art market for selection of superior value art works.

  • Provide prospective buyers with information. In some cases, Ashione Gallery is able to provide intriguing data not commonly available.

  • Create environments that inspire cultural and contextual understanding of African art.

  • Foster milieus for sharing and enjoying stories of Africa and African travels. Our "Boomer" and "Millennial" populations seem especially fond of these avenues, where they eagerly share and relive their African experiences with like minded others. Our class, style and passion for Africa have set us apart and enabled us to develop settings that customers find meaningful.

In so doing: 


  • We have become a celebrity favorite, and have been visited by megastars like, Robin Williams, Sara Jessica Parker, Will Farrell, Mary-Kate Olson, Spike Lee, Kehinde Wiley, Nick Ashford of Ashford and Simpson, Matthew Broderick, Iman and David Bowie, Jerry Coony, and more recently added, Bryant Gumbel of HBO Sports, Ty Pennington of Extreme Makeover, and the fantastic chef, Marcus Samuelsson, to this illustrious list.

  • Have become a press favorite and have been featured in the various press below.

  • Have been seen in social media, media sharing, corporate websites and fashion blogs.

  • Proudly attracted loyal and dynamic customers, some of whose reviews and shout outs you will also find below.

We are grateful to all.

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As Seen in Newspapers and Magazines:

As Seen in Social Media, Media Sharing, Corporate Websites and Fashion Blogs:

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