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A Quarterly Newsletter Published by Ashione Gallery

Summer 2018

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Ashione Gallery's, African Woman

Made in New York!

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Inside This Issue

1. Gallery Closing

2. New Location - Next!

3. More Ashione Gallery Mentions on Social Media and the Internet.

4. More category page offerings, please!

5. Acknowledgements

6. References

7. Again, Thank You for Your Patronage.

1. Gallery Closing

As you may know, we closed our flagship location at 120 w 25th Street, in Manhattan New York, in November 2016. We will never forget the love and business support you strengthened us with, as we struggled with the decision as to whether to stay open or close. Undeterred by the many obstacles in the way, you came and purchased, and returned and bought again, making it possible for us to stay open as long as we did. Thank you. You are an amazing bunch, and we are so grateful to have you!


Eventually, the location ran its course and we decided to close. Having closed, we thought to do what many Galleries now do, open up a website business.

But since we already had an internet presence, we thought to reconstruct with an expansion that showcases our many different categories. This we now know was easier said than done (if it were easy, everyone would be doing it!).


It has been a grueling time consuming experience. We had not anticipated that there would be many areas outside of our control. But, voila, here we are - all done! You expect a lot from us and always see the most amazing things here, first. Hope you like what we have done.


Our reward would be that you experience joy as you peruse our pages and that you keep us even stronger for the next twenty five years, by continuing your affiliation with us, and by continuing to patronize our business.

2. New Location - Next!

After closing the above mentioned flagship space, we wanted to be able to offer you an arena where you can shop while we looked for another space. Now that the website ​reconstruction is completed, we can now turn our full attention to obtaining a new space.

We have gratefully pinpointed three stalwart supporters who have accepted the challenge of guiding us though the process. We are being very hopeful and excited.


We anticipate being in the new location in the spring of 2019. Please check back here for details as they evolve. See you at the new location!

3. More Ashione Gallery's Mentions on Social Media and the Internet.

Here are more mentions of Ashione Gallery on Social Media and the Internet:


African website un'masks'

Ashione Gallery piece:


Pinterest profile "House of Gems," pins down the precious Masai pieces at Ashione Gallery: recounts Ashione Gallery reviewer:! reviewer gets inside how Customers feel about Ashione:

Website known for expertise

in African Art Galleries in New York,

highlights Ashione:


HotFrog, a Website on Specialty in design, heats up, and hones in, on Ashione:


Website,, reveals Ashione's connection to The Amsterdam News:

Popular Blog Sketch42, sketches out why Ashione is the premier place for Mud cloth:

The Woyingi Blog, known for "Exploring Black and African identities in the blogosphere," sites Ashione as "the leader in authentic African art":


Image of Woman with Fulani earrings-- made famous by Ashione Gallery-- is borrowed by site, for their, "The Mali Trip", feature:


Twitter Tweeters:


New York Times Best-selling author Joel Comm tweets Ashione Gallery:


The amazing Manhattan Sideways, celebrated for "[e]xploring the hidden gems of Manhattan..." tweets Ashione:


Sue Harris, co-Director of Peoples Video Network, Tweets Ashione:


Linda Missal, NYC Partnerships Manager at Townsquared, tweets about Ashione:


Ashione Gallery interacts on Twitter, with Siedah Garrett, writer of Michael Jackson's "Man in the Mirror":

Kelly Hungerford, co-founder of Women in Digital --"[a] community of +1500 women across Switzerland connecting and collaborating to build digital skills and awareness" tweets Ashione:

Ooddleddooddleooddle tweets Ashione:

Dana Crafts, makers and seller of Handmade African jewelry, tweets Ashione Gallery:

Nick Carter, known for his exquisite photography, tweets Ashione Gallery:

Popular online personality Bille Baty tweets Ashione:


Inspirational leader, Scott Valentine, tweets Ashione:


House of Gems, out of Buena Park, California,

which "select[s] and purchase[s]... jewelry findings from the best of [the] best designers and manufactures..." tweets about Ashione:


Ashione Gallery is followed

on Social Media by the following

distinguished Media leaders:


Real Marsha Wright



Scott Eddy



Ekaterina Walter



Jeet Banerjee



Cara Brookins



Ted Rubin



Kimberly Moffit



Lolly Daskal



Rachel Rudwall


4. More category page offerings, please!

We heard you! We also took notice that when you shopped with us at our Gallery addresses, you not only shopped the Gallery offerings of masks, sculptures and artifacts, but were equally passionate about obtaining the furniture, pottery, fabrics, paintings, floor coverings, market wares, and of course, the fantastic jewelry. You told us you loved it all!!


And so, in bringing you these expanded categories, we continue in our game of offering you diversified and novel items, while being guided by your game of loving our choices.


5. Acknowledgements

We are very grateful to you our loyal and dynamic customers for your patronage these past 25 years. We are now internationally known, sought after, and loved because of you. Thank you. Here's to the next 25 years of a continued wonderful business relationship.


And to you- Jack Kupferman, Greg Vabre, Lala Lopez, Vincent Taylor, John, Ivette Alfonso, Greg Rosborough, Iqram Magdon-Ismail, and Gary Schultz - our customers turned friends, your amazing friendship is always on our mind and very much appreciated.


We are in awe of you Lauren Yothers and fabulous Betsy Polivy (, and grateful for your warmth, kindness and generosity of spirit and time. Your ready willingness to share information and support us whenever called upon continue to strengthen us. Our business is far better off for knowing you! We will always be grateful.


We also wish to thank Curtis L. Archer, President, Harlem Community Corporation ( for his warm reception of us and our ideas and for connecting us with NYC Business Solution's Upper Manhattan Center (, which said Center has already become very supportive, and so also has its director. We are looking forward to working closely with all in the near future.


In addition, we thank Accion East, Inc., and especially Kathy Tchernychova, for their business services and simplification of same.


And to our family and friends, bravo! Your undying support is our life line. Thanks!!

6. References

1) Tracing Memory, a Glossary of Graphic Signs and Symbols in African Art and Culture - by Clemetine M. Faik - Nzuji.

Publisher - Canadian Museum of Civilization.

2) Treasures of Ancient Nigeria. Text by Expo Eyo and Frank Willett. Alfred A. Knopf. New York in association with the Detroit Institute of Arts, 1980


3) For Spirits and Kings. African Art from the Tishman Collection. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Distributed by Harry N. Abrams, Inc., Publishers, New York


4) Masks. Masterpieces from the muse'e du quai Branly collections. Musee du quai Branly, Paris, 2008.


5) The Tribal Arts of Africa. Surveying Africa's Artistic Geography. Jean-Baptiste Bacquart. Published by Thames & Hudson, Inc.


6) Gold of the Akan from the Glassell Collection. Doran H. Ross, with contributions by Frances Marzio. The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.


7) Masks of Black Africa. Ladislas Segy. Dover Publications, Inc., New York.


8) Recettes Des Dieux. Esthétique du fétiche. Cet ouvrage est publie a l'occasion de l'exposition "Recettes des dieux" presentee au musée du quai Branly, du 3 février au 10 mai 2009.


9) Two Thousand Years of Nigerian Art. Ekpo Eyo. Ethnographica, London, in association with National Commission for Museums and Monuments. Nigeria.


10) Sotheby's. Arts of Africa, Oceania & the Americas. New York, May 17, 2002.


11) Beads. An Exploration of Bead Traditions Around the World. Janet Coles and Robert Budwig. Simon & Schuster Editions.


12) Mon Afrique. Pascal Maitre. Published by Aperture Foundation, New York, New York.

7. Again, Thank You for Your Patronage.

We reiterate our appreciation to you our dynamic customers, for supporting our business for 25 years. Here's to the next 25 years and for a continued wonderful business partnership. Ndewo! Na gode! Ese! Sosongo! Me dad is and repeat............!

January 2015

All Rights Reserved

 Annual Subscription $25

Inside This Issue

1. Our New Location

2. Community Events Relevant to Africa

a) Check out the Museums

b) Highlighting Brooklyn Museum's Exhibit of Kehinde Wiley's work.

3. A Customer's love for Ashione Gallery's jewelry

4. Robin Williams and Michael Jackson R.I.P.

1. Our New Location

We have moved to beautiful Chelsea and made it our new location, along with other hundreds of art galleries and studios. The Chelsea art district of New York is a great place for those interested in collecting art. The streets seem to be lined with art galleries and many buildings have multiple floor art galleries. The galleries feature a wide variety of artworks. You'll find traditional art, fine art photography, paintings, prints, sculpture s and other types of visual art. The Chelsea art district is one of the most important and influential art districts in the world. Be sure to visit us while in the area. Please see New Arrivals page for full details.


120 West 25th St.,

Rear Gallery

New York, NY 10001

(212) 229-0899



Wed - Sun 12-6pm

Mon - Closed

Tue by Appointment

2. Community Events Relevant to Africa

a) If coming to New York, check out the museums listed elsewhere on these pages. Periodically these museums will offer exhibitions of direct pertinence to Africa. You can also call them. We have found them helpful on the phone, on the occasions when it was necessary to call.


b) Highlighting Brooklyn Museum's Exhibit of Kehinde Wiley's work. 

When Mr. Kehinde Wiley shopped with us, he presented himself as a very likeable, affable and humble young man. We did not know who he was and he did not let on.


Imagine our shock and absolute awe when we found out who he is through a show on Channel 13, where he was introduced and tauted by Matt Lauer. Through that show on Channel 13 we were introduced to this magnificent and groundbreaking work. Kehinde Wiley is indeed an extraordinary artist, way ahead of his time and we will always be greateful for his business. We encourage everyone to go see this exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum. You will be receiving a visual and intellectual treat and be so wowed!


Kehinde Wiley (American, b. 1977). Shantavia Beale II, 2012. Oil on canvas, 60 x 48 in. (152.4 x 121.9 cm). Collection of Ana and Lenny Gravier, courtesy Sean Kelly, New York. © Kehinde Wiley. (Photo: Jason Wyche)

February 20–May 24, 2015

Morris A. and Meyer Schapiro Wing and Iris and B. Gerald Cantor Gallery, 5th Floor

The works presented in Kehinde Wiley: A New Republic raise questions about race, gender, and the politics of representation by portraying contemporary African American men and women using the conventions of traditional European portraiture. The exhibition includes an overview of the artist’s prolific fourteen-year career and features sixty paintings and sculptures.


Wiley’s signature portraits of everyday men and women riff on specific paintings by Old Masters, replacing the European aristocrats depicted in those paintings with contemporary black subjects, drawing attention to the absence of African Americans from historical and cultural narratives.


The subjects in Wiley’s paintings often wear sneakers, hoodies, and baseball caps, gear associated with hip-hop culture, and are set against contrasting ornate decorative backgrounds that evoke earlier eras and a range of cultures.


Through the process of "street casting," Wiley invites individuals, often strangers he encounters on the street, to sit for portraits. In this collaborative process, the model chooses a reproduction of a painting from a book and reenacts the pose of the painting’s figure. By inviting the subjects to select a work of art, Wiley gives them a measure of control over the way they're portrayed.


The exhibition includes a selection of Wiley’s World Stage paintings, begun in 2006, in which he takes his street casting process to other countries, widening the scope of his collaboration.


Kehinde Wiley: A New Republic is organized by Eugenie Tsai, John and Barbara Vogelstein Curator of Contemporary Art, Brooklyn Museum. A fully illustrated catalogue published by the Brooklyn Museum and DelMonico Books • Prestel accompanies the exhibition.


This exhibition is made possible by Grey Goose Vodka. Additional support is provided by John and Amy Phelan, Sean Kelly Gallery, Stephen Friedman Gallery, and Roberts & Tilton.

3. A Customer's Love for Ashione Gallery's Jewelry

This past year, a young woman came excitedly into the gallery. She was wearing one ofthe earrings that she bought from us while we were located at 41 Perry Street.

She exclaimed out of breath that those were her favorite pair.

She also said that on countless occasions people had walked up to her and wanted to buy the earrings right off her ears. Those were her exact words.


But of course she was not selling! You would have to come to us to get yours!!

She added that she'd been looking for us all over the place. She had gone back to our old location and saw that we were not there. But she eventually found us.


Come on down, y'all. Look no more. Come get yours. We are right here for you. Our beautiful adornments will glamorize you!!!


Share your stories with us and we'll be happy to print them here.

4. R.I.P. Robin Williams and Michael Jackson

Since our last publication we have lost two (2) monumental megastars, Robin Williams and Michael Jackson.

Robin, you made yourself our friend!

Robin Williams, as larger than life as he was, would stride into the Gallery (when we were at 41 Perry street), sometimes alone, other times with his entourage. He was always smiling and curious. "What is this, what is that , where was it made...and for what?"


He had a thing for monkeys. "You have any new monkeys...oh look at that!" He also fell in love with the Igbo farming implements (Textiles, Furniture and Vessels, ITUR 810) and would be seen admiring them through the glass window.


He was full of praise, encouragement and support. What a charmer! There were no ego trips, while he was with us. He just acted like one of us!!

Robin, you made yourself our friend!!! We will always miss you. Rest in Peace.

Michael Jackson

What an extraordinary talent! Say the name Michael and all thoughts go to him. See him as you may, but there is no denying that he revolutionized pop music and was loved by so many. It seems so unreal that he is no longer with us and that his music is all we now have.


He is greatly missed. Rest in Peace, Michael.

January 2009

All Rights Reserved

 Annual Subscription $25

Inside This Issue

1. Update

2. Community Events Relevant to Africa

3. Future Plans

4. Your Stories About Africa

5. Ashione-yan Kid's Corner

6. Book Review

7. Tim Russet R.I.P.

8. Philanthropists Wanted

9. Advertisements

10. Press Inquiries

1. Update

As you may well know, we closed our 41 Perry Street location at the end of May 2008. We were quite touched by your patronage, support and good wishes. Some of you stayed right up to the minute when we closed the doors. You are without doubt, the world's best customers.

We have taken time out to create this Internet presence, so that we can connect or reconnect with you, and you can continue to shop, while we canvas for a new location. You will find that our art objects are of the same quality as those you used to purchase in the Gallery.


We carry only museum quality African works of art.

Our telephone number remains the same (212) 229-0899

Our e-mail address is


We very much appreciate your business.

2. Community Events Relevant to Africa

If you are planning a trip to New York, check these out!

A. Museum of Natural History

Central Park West and 79th Street

New York, NY 10024-5192

(212) 769-7375


1)The butterfly conservatory- The butterflies are back!

Now Open.

2.) Wild Ocean-This new Imax film follows the epic struggles of an amazing array of Sea life off the coast of South Africa.

Now Playing


B. Museum for African Art:

P(718) 784-7700

F (718) 784-7718

Temporary Office

36-01 43rd Ave at 36th Street

Long Island City, New York 11101

Published Statement:

"The Museum for African Art is the center for discovering the arts of Africa, from classic to contemporary"

Check out the Museum's just ended, future planned and inaugural exhibitions.

C. Metropolitan Museum (212) 535-7710

Fifth Avenue and 83rd Street, New York, New York


Arts of Africa, Oceania, and the Americas current exhibit:


1) Illuminated Gospel, Late 14th to early 15th century Ethiopia

2) Parchment (vellum). wood (acacia). tempera. ink Height 16 1/2" (41.9 cm) Rogers Fund. 1998 (1998.66)


Other highlights that may be of interest:

3) Collection highlights

View selected highlights from the permanent collection


4) Collection Database

Search selected records from the Museums collection of the arts of Africa including the photograph Study Collection

5) Introduction to Arts of Africa

Read about the curatorial department and its permanent collection.


6) About the Robert Goldwater lirary

This non circulating research library is dedicated to the documentation of the visual arts of sub-Saharan Africa, and,

7) About the photograph study collection. The photograph study collection.


D. Brooklyn Museum (718) 638-5000

200 Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn, New York

1) Exhibit

Brooklyn museum reportedly maintains a world renowned permanent collection of African Art, said to be always worth a visit. You can contact them for additional information.


E. Museum Listings

1) Museums or notable institutions wishing to be listed on these pages can contact us. The museums or (notable) institutions should have an established African art department or be planning an African art exhibit. Sorry, only e-mailed listings accepted. 

3. Future Plans

We are canvasing Manhattan for a new location and plan to re-open Spring 2009. We will keep you informed of our progress on these pages. The good news is that now, you can shop 24/7! You no longer have to contend with those restrictive Gallery hours.


So then, let the shopping begin! Shop, shop, shop and then shop some more!!

4. Your Stories About Africa

(This unbelievable African sign was taken from our jewelry section.

See if you can find it on our bracelet page and be the one to buy it!)

We would like to hear your stories about Africa - stories of its peoples, cultures, terrain, sea life, wild life, different foods, friendships, etc. We only wish to hear the positive and may be heart warming memories (you do not have to look far for negative stories, and those are not the focus of our customers!).


Perhaps you are a "been to" and had an unbelievable experience with wildlife, canoes on the Zambezi river, forged a life long friendship, and ate the most delicious dishes, perhaps you want so badly to go back again, and so on.


We may share your experiences here with other Ashione-yans.

Only e-mailed stories accepted. All submissions become the property of Ashione Gallery and affiliates, will not be returned and may be used by Ashione Gallery and affiliates media world wide. By e-mailing your story, you give us permission to edit, print, publish and /or republish it at our discretion, now or in the future. We reserve the right to use only stories that we select.

Can you imagine that we could print all your wonderful stories here to be enjoyed by one and all! Would it not be thousands if not millions of exhilarating stories about amazing you and beautiful Africa!! We cannot wait to hear from you!!!

5. Ashione-yan Kids. Children's corner for Africa, from all over the world.

We all know that most children have a special affinity for Africa, sometimes it appears more so than many adults. Some even study in school, and we are always reminded of that childlike drawing of Africa on a sandy beach in New York (pl. see our Benefit's page)!

During our time at Greenwich (West) Village, children were always pulling their parent(s) into the Gallery and then either proceeded to explain to them the objects they were familiar with, be fascinated by others or asked endless questions of everything else! Many times, those visits ended in frustration for the adults because the children would refuse to leave.


We met this one mega star (everyone knows and adores her!) from that mega hit television series, Sex and the city, who made it a habit of always visiting with her son (and she visited often!), who would promptly leave her side for "captivated"

 explorations. He too had problems leaving! And speaking of a "Head start", what a wonderful beginning for this youngster!

We are reserving this CORNER for children who wish to e- mail us their positive experiences and or thoughts about Africa.

We reserve same rights as in Ashione-yan, #4.

6. Book Review

Tracing Memory

A glossary of graphic signs and symbols in African Art and Culture by Clementine M. Faik - Nzuji, published by the Canadian Museum of Civilization

Canadian Museum of Civilization

100 Laurier Street

P.O. Box 3100, Station B

Hull, Quebec J8X 4H2

(800) 555-5621

We are very grateful to have found this book by way of a gift from a customer. This book affords one yet another avenue of gleaning information about Africa's past. Africa's sub Saharan oral history, migratory factors, natural and man made disasters and even the secrecy of many of its cultures, make it impossible for one to obtain complete and accurate information from one single source.

In the author's own words:

"This Glossary is intended as a contribution to the general understanding of signs and symbols. It is a systematic inventory of African graphic signs which provides the reader with an easily accessible means of gauging the creative force of analogy in thought and perception that they manifest. For the peoples who continue to use these sign-symbols, they represent a gift from God - tools to disclose hidden truths. This Glossary permits a more informed reading of these signs and it may also help to promote a new way of looking at Africa, its cultures and its spirituality".



As with oral history, sub Saharan Africans used signs and symbols to promote or preserve ideas. These signs or symbols could be seen on masks, statues, domiciles, furniture, textiles, vessels, bronzes, and even on jewelry. It is fascinating to read the assigned meanings to these signs and symbols and pages 106 and 107 are good examples.

On page 106, he showed us the Kpelli - Kpelli mask covered with the abstract sign- symbols. He also gave us an explanation of the symbol of the crowning bird. He explained the meaning of the spiral, which is a recurring sign in many African artifacts we see today. On page 107 he went on to explain the double Chevron symbol, which is another recurring theme (many Kuba cloths bear this symbol).



As wonderful as this book is, we found some limitations. The author could have used the idea of the Kpelli - Kpelli mask (page 106) to fully explain what the abstract sign-symbols were saying of the mask, instead of which readers are left to find the meanings by going through the entire book. We also found the book somewhat disjointed and not cohesive enough.

But overall, we strongly recommend this book for your library. If you own or hope to own an African artifact, you might just find it useful as a reference to decipher some signs - symbols.

Happy Reading!!!

7. Tim Russet R.I.P.

Tim Russet passed on in 2008. He was a beloved American journalist that gave the world an intelligent perspective on current world events. He particularly touched us, because his was one show we could relax with 2:00am Monday morning (that was our Sunday, after work hours!), without feeling any negative under currents if the subject of Africa or its peoples came up. He reported fairly, even if thoroughly and drew one into that huge humor that was his! Yes, we laughed right along with him!! We all lost a fantastic, one-of-a kind journalist.

Dear Tim, we so loved and miss you.

You were taken from us too soon.


8. Philanthropists Wanted

We are seeking philanthropists willing to assist us in the implementation of meaningful art and music projects in Africa. Your most passionate and better philanthropic efforts are yet to come!!

9. Advertisements

Advertise Here with Us. We have the most discerning customers! Please contact us for advertising rates.

10. Press Inquiries

Media may contact us at

Thank you for your visit, and many more thanks for your business. We update our website often and include new and exciting merchandise and information. So... stop on by, again and again!!!

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