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Holiday Shipping Schedule
Awesome You!

The holidays are upon us. Give to yourself and others presents as awesome as you!!
We are changing our shipping schedule for the Holiday Season to accommodate you, but encourage you to shop early.

Order Now!!!

For the holidays, your order will be processed and shipped three (3) days after receipt of payment from now through December 15th 2018, and from December 26th through February 8th 2019, using the basic services of the shippers. For "over-nighters" and other accelerated services, shippers' payments and schedules apply, and payments must be made ahead of shipment.

Confirmation of orders and shipping notices will be sent to the customer via the email address entered on the shipping page. Order confirmations will include a copy of the order, availability status, date shipped, tracking information (where applicable) and expected delivery date. 

Large and international orders requiring oversize or multiple packages and any other additional costs will be invoiced via email. After payments are received and processed, packages will be sent.

All other shipping policies as enumerated below remain intact.

Thank You. Enjoy. You are a valued customer.
Happy Holidays.

At the current time,
we offer free shipping to customers in the United States! This includes packaging, handling and insurance.

New York State residents please add 8.875% sales tax to the cost of your purchase(s).

We reserve the right to change the policy of free shipping at any time.

We ship all over the world using; United States Postal Service (USPS), UPS ground and FedEx. 

For our international (outside the US) customers, please add 25% extra to the cost of your purchase(s) to cover shipping, handling and insurance. 

We value your business and our art works. We pack and ship very carefully. However, if you have damage due to shipping, please contact the shipping agent immediately, and then us, so we can work together to remedy the problem.

We ship orders as soon as possible, but please expect a three-week cycle. We encourage you to plan ahead
for special events - birthdays, mother's day, anniversaries, graduations, retirements, father's day, etc. We get just as excited as you at one of these, and make every effort to support the occasion, so it's best not to rush! But when you do rush, and expect us to put all other business aside to attend to yours, and if we do accept to fill the order (and there are no guarantees that we would), a 25% surcharge will be assessed.

Once you have completed your online purchase(s), please fill out the following shipping form to ensure proper shipping and handling.
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Item Number(s) and/or Letter(s) Purchased
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